Your yard is your first impression on neighbors and guests — don’t miss the opportunity to make a statement.

A well-maintained lawn with beautiful features will welcome visitors and add to the curb appeal of the entire neighborhood. Regular residential lawn care will ensure your lawn and gardens look their best without breaking the bank – or your back. From mowing, trimming, edging, mulching and more, Redbud Landscape Designs is ready to exceed your expectations.

The Redbud Landscape Designs team of residential yard care professionals are meticulous and thorough. Our residential lawn care services include:

  • Mowing and Lawn Care – Keeping your lawn looking lush and green requires more than pushing a lawnmower. We trim around all obstacles, edge walkways, while feeding and fertilizing as needed.
  • Flower and Bed Care – Prepping in the early spring, keeping up with the flowers throughout the growing season, and tidying up for the winter are all part of our services.
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup – Clearing leaves and debris in the spring prevents dead spots on your lawn while pruning promotes healthy growth.  To avoid smothering the grass. clearing the lawn in the fall prevents leaves and debris from becoming matted or compacted under snow.
  • Lawn Enhancements – From vibrant floral displays to mulching and even sodding and seeding, Redbud Landscape Designs can bring new life to your landscape.
  • Landscaping – Good observation and design skills combined with an enthusiasm for horticulture mean we deliver custom landscaping solutions that suit you perfectly.